author: claira
rating: pg
summary: death! angst! sam/jack.
a/n: written in half an hour for jara. unbetaed.
disclaimer: i do not own

[ t h e  s m e l l   o f   c o l d ]

He'd watched people die many times, too many times. It never made it easier.

Sam had been running for cover when a staff weapon blast had caught her in the chest. She'd made a tiny noise of surprise, almost a gasp, and had then fallen like a rag doll. Daniel had swerved and almost fallen and Teal'c had grabbed his arm to keep him upright and hadn't seen Jack until the man was already meters out of the cover he'd gained, running for Sam's body with orange fire shooting around him. It was madness.

Daniel had yelled his name in desperation, but Jack hadn't paused, hadn't even looked around. He had knelt next to Sam, felt for her pulse, and Teal'c had seen his face twist in despair for one second before he was hit by a staff blast. It had wiped his face clean of all emotion and his body had fallen in a slow arc, landing in a puff of dust next to Sam.

Daniel had made a horribe choked sound and tried to move toward the two bodies that lay with such terrible stillness, but Teal'c had pulled him around and started running again. They'd left Sam and Jack lying in the small clearing with their blood mingling into the dust, and ran, stumbling and ducking through the trees. Running their nightmares out until they got to the 'gate and fell through the shimmering circle.

When Teal'c got to his feet on the other side of hell, the soldiers in the room were still watching the 'gate for the other half of SG-1 to emerge. For a quick second, he almost expected the two to appear, smiling and covered in dust with a quick joke about the nearness of their escape.

Daniel was standing beside him, smelling of blood and dirt and tears.

“Close the iris,” Teal'c said, and the room seemed to freeze.

But then the Stargate shut down by itself and Daniel sank to the floor and pulled his legs up to his chest, his throat moving convulsively. Teal'c only saw where Sam and Jack used to stand.

The ‘gate room smelt of cold cement. He'd never noticed it as clearly before.


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