author: claira
rating: pg
summary: mini!otp.
a/n: thanks to anna and jara.
disclaimer: i do not own

[ c h e m i s t r y   f o r   b e g i n n e r s ]

"Sam? SAM."

He was tickling her ear with the cornor of the sheet and she rolled over, pulling a pillow over her head in protest. "Ohhhh."

She heard him laughing and would have hit him if her head hadn't been about to explode. She'd forgotten that her sixteen year old body only had a teenager's tolerance of tequila.

He was pulling at the pillow over her head. "Sam. Ready for chemistry this morning?"

She let go of the pillow - way too much effort to hold it - and analysed the way she was feeling. "I think I'm going to throw up."

"That's a no, right?"

She slapped at him feebly, missed completely and dived back under the covers. "Leave me ALONE."

He laughed again as his weight left the bed, and she heard him leave the room. Starting a school day with a hangover was something Sam had never experienced. Pulling the covers higher up around her shoulders, she tried to piece her memory together into something cohesive.

She remembered his eyes watching her a lot and then things hazed into black sometime after they'd polished off the half bottle of tequila Jack had bought of a friend at school. Brown eyes, steady, laughing - she scrunched her face up into the pillow as she realized he hadn't been as drunk as her. Not even close.

There were suspicious rattling sounds coming from the kitchen and she moved carefully until she was sitting up against the head board, and brought her knees up to her chest. She still wasn't used to just how tiny her body was.

The sunlight was a narrow line on the floor and she mentally thanked him for not opening the curtains. Her head hurt so much it wasn't funny.

He appeared at the doorway with a tray, and she smiled as he picked his way across the room. Juice, toast and a little flower on the napkin - if she hadn't already been in love with him, the bedraggled flower would have been the clincher.

He settled next to her, and she reached for the juice as if it was her lifeline. "What did I do last night?"


Her stomach sunk in a way that had nothing to do with the alcohol. It was times like these where she really wished he'd lost the trademark smirk along with some of the inches and the grey hair.

"I told you a lot, didn't I," she said, already trying to work out which of her conversations with Janet she'd relayed to him.

"Oh, no," he said, his eyes dancing. "Only how you wished that alien virus would revisit occasionally. And how you and Janet plotted to hijack a security camera and set it up in the locker room. And how you thought it was - and I quote - 'unfair that it was Teal'c stuck in the loop with the Colonel'..."

She could feel her neck going red. Shit.

"You haven't forgotten that sexy striptease you did for me at midnight, have you?"

"I *what*?"

"Just kidding," he said, grinning as she glared at him. "Maybe next week?"

"I hate you."

His hand was already playing with the exposed skin of her thigh and it was making her shiver through the hangover. "Really?"

"Yes." She looked at the flower. "But ask me again in an hour."


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