author: pen
genre: post klg.
a/n: unbetaed. for sloane.

[ i n   t h e   s h a d o w s   o f   q u i e t   l a n e s ]

After Starbuck finishes freaking out, she shoots Sharon in the other shoulder.

"What the frak are you doing?" Helo yells as he reaches for her gun. Starbuck swings to aim at him, and he can see her shaking.

"How do I know you're not a cylon, huh?" she says, and she sounds sick but she looks determined, and the Starbuck he knows would never shoot him.

He's not so sure about this one.

"Frak, I'm not a cylon!" he says, and raises his hands in the air. Starbuck looks skittish, so he knows it's a bad move when he says, "are you?"

"Frak no!" she yells, and tightens her grip on her gun. "But you prove it."

"Neither of you are cylons!" interrupts Sharon, and they both turn to look at her. He hadn't forgotten she was there, but he knows Starbuck had. "Now can we just get the frak out of here?"

"Yes!" yells Kara, and as Sharon steps towards her, she shoots again.

Sharon drops, and Helo yells. "Don't touch her," Starbuck says. He looks at her and pauses in his rush towards Sharon.

"She's dead," continues Starbuck, "so her memories will be transferred into a new body really soon now."

Helo looks over at Sharon, and imagines another one.

"So get in the raider, and let's get out of here."

Helo reaches towards Sharon. "If I could just-"

"Get in the frakking raider, Karl," says Starbuck. Her voice is cold, and this Starbuck is unfamiliar.

"But she's-"

"Get in, Karl. We're going home."

He can't see Sharon's body out the front screen of the raider, and he thinks that's a good thing.


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