[ p e n ' s   f a n f i c t i o n ]

almost free to come and go

there are thirteen other reporters after the end of the world, and all of them refuse to talk to chloe.
[vague spoilers for kobol's last gleaming bsg/smallville crossover, chloe/lex]

a litany of love letters
she's done a lot of stupid things, and he knows them all.
[no spoilers, kara/lee]

believe in what you see
sharon's never been to picon before.
[pre-mini, helo/boomer]

in the shadows of quiet lanes
after starbuck finishes freaking out, she shoots sharon in the other shoulder.
[post klg, helo/boomer]

the last poem i write
it takes him three weeks to notice what a shit he's being.
[spoilers for kobol's last gleaming kara/lee lee/cally]

erase her face
her hand goes through his flesh, and it is because she is insubstantial.
[no spoilers, six]

proud of a good time
two days shore leave, and starbuck's not wasting a second.
[no spoilers, kara/helo]

that i should suffer
Instead, she tilts her head, and he notices the bruises he left on her neck.
[no spoilers, kara/lee]

not for all your sins
“this is interesting,” says death, as she looks at the body before her.
[no spoilers, bsg/sandman crossover]

[ b a c k ]

we don't own these characters. (jamie bamber is teh hot.) (and kara/helo/lee will rule the WORLD!)