author: pen
rating: g
genre: gen. ensemble. crossover with sandman
timeframe: set during the mini

7 x 100 words, with thanks to S, the most pretentious fanboy around.

[ n o t   f o r   a l l   y o u r   s i n s ]


Destruction is fishing in a lake just outside of Caprica city when the first bomb falls. He has been at it for about ten years, and has just found a comfy spot on the rock. As the world flashes, he is removing a hook from the mouth of a fish that he has caught thirty seven times. He tried fish once, just to see, and decided they weren’t for him but very aesthetically pleasing, if you were Delirium. The blast kills the fish before he has a chance to throw it back. He sighs sadly and throws it back anyway.


Tigh sits at his desk, and looks at the bottle. He guesses six, maybe seven fingers left. That’s enough for a day, but he knows how to ration. He’s a soldier, even if the crew doubts him.

Eighty-five men.

Forty seconds.

He doubts that forty seconds would have been enough. For all his words, there were too many rooks.

Eighty-five men.

Twelve colonies.

He pours a finger into the glass, and knocks it back. It warms the chill in his chest.

Eighty-five men.


Despair hunkers down beside him, and puts her hand to his cheek.

She makes him bleed.


The little girl beside Baltar frowns. "yoU'RE not MiNe," she accuses, and as she tilts her head fishes emerge from her ears. She sits astride a dog like it is a horse, and Baltar can hear the dog grumble, "you are so heavy."

"I'm not anybody's," Baltar says, and wonders when she was put into his head.

"I'm NoT in YoUR heAd," but Baltar does not believe her: he is the scientist, not her. Before he can speak, she smiles as if placing him. "YoU BELong TO my BrOthersIsteR." She leaves him a fish, but it disintegrates at his touch.


“This is interesting,” says Death, as she looks at the body before her. The cylon known as Leoben Conoy stands beside her.

“All that blood is disgusting,” he says with a sneer. Death turns to look at him.

“You know you’re dead, right?” she asks.

“This shell is,” he replies.

“I’ve never ushered one of you before.” Death doesn't have time for this chat, so she shrugs and takes it in her stride. “But there’s always time for a first. You’re coming with me.”

“I think not,” says Conoy, and as the Galactica breaks atmosphere, Conoy disappears.

“Weird,” says Death.


Dream’s kingdom is populated by his siblings’ subjects. Commander Adama yaps at the feet of the President and attacks at her command. Lee stands immobile, arms stretched between his father and the President. Baltar orgasms under Six whilst she protects him from scrutiny and bullets. Roslin desperately gouges her fingers into her breasts and rips out the disease beneath her skin. Sickened by their actions, Dream ejects them.

Waking, Kara falls out of her bunk, and Zak’s screams fade from her ears as Lee’s fingerprints fade from her skin. She will not watch him die. She heads for the gym.


Desire plaits Valerii’s hair and strokes its hand down her cheek. “Can you see him?” it coos softly. Valerii leans against the railing and watches Tyrol in the hangar deck as he supervises his team. She smiles, and the need to slide down the ladder and kiss him in front of everybody builds quickly in her belly.

She wants to slide down the ladder and kill him and all of them, too, all flesh and weak bodies, but that is an old feeling, and one that will fade in moments. It always does.

Desire laughs. It loves this new game.


In an old garden, down twisting paths, Destiny reads from the book chained to his wrist.

Roslin stares at the Commander. "There is no Earth. You made it all up."

A finger traces the words as he reads them, and does not judge.

"You're right. There's no Earth. It's all a legend." Destiny reads defeat between the lines.

Words printed upon words. Destiny reads of other worlds, other Earths and other times. He watches lives, unfolding and predicted. He watches the path; carries his book.

Destiny turns the page.

He reads of divine plans.

He reads of his oldest sister.


[ b a c k ]