authors: claira and pen
genre: angst and sex and fun. kara/lee/helo.
rating: pg-13

bijoux requested Kara/Lee/Helo + shower = hot, wet, steamy sexiness. This is only sort of that.

[ t h e   m o m e n t s   i n   b e t w e e n ]

Lee pushes the door to the bathroom open, trying not to think about what he's going to find inside. Yesterday he walked in on Hotdog wanking, and that's not exactly an experience he's eager to repeat.

The heat hits him like a sauna, and he gasps, blinking as he counts pilots in showers. Kara turns and smiles at him.

"Come to join us, Lee?" she asks, and laughs. Two shower heads down, Helo lathers up.

"Afternoon, Captain," Helo nods, before he turns to Kara. "I'm thinking of growing a beard. What do you think, Starbuck?"

"I think you'd look like shit, Helo," she says. He lifts an eyebrow as she laughs out, "plus, regs," and Lee watches the muscles in her back move as she rubs shampoo into her hair.

Lee turns away; quickly strips and steps under a shower head. He turns the water on hot.

He might be washing away his sins, but he thinks the stains go deeper than skin.

He rolls his back and tries to concentrate on the soreness of his muscles, but can't help looking over his shoulder when he hears a laugh behind him. He watches Helo throw a bar of soap at Kara, and it skids to a stop on the tiles beside her. She leans down to pick it up, water running in rivelets over her skin, and Lee thinks that maybe Helo threw it wonky on purpose.

He turns away.

Helo doesn't, and Lee watches Helo watching Kara.

Kara laughs, and Lee glances back at Kara. Kara's watching Helo; laughing with Helo.

This is not new.

"Soap?" he says, and Kara throws it to him. It's falling short and Lee lunges for it, starts to slip and Helo reaches out an arm and catches him. They stand there, Helo's hands heavy on Lee's shoulders, and they are warm and soft. Helo's hands will not break Lee's back, but they could.

Lee wonders whether eventually they will damage him deeper than his sins will.

And it's easy to stand there, under the warm spray and Helo's hands. It's easy to pull Kara in with one arm, close, so that her body fits neatly in the spaces between them.


Dee's sore from her chair in the CIC, and tired, and she thinks later that's why she didn't hear anything until she'd opened the door. She also tells herself that explains her complete inability to move for a moment after she worked out what was happening.

The water is falling around the three of them, wasting but recycling, and Helo's mouth is on Starbuck's neck, and Dee blushes as Apollo pushes Helo against the wall. She backs out, closes the door, and Starbuck's gasps echo in her ears as she walks blindly away.


Kara knows that this is dangerous. Slippery skin and wet kisses and the tiles under her feet. Pilots frak in the bathroom all the time, and Helo is known for it, but this is the CAG and this is Lee and there are three of them.

She's not sure she wants to think about it, but as Helo kisses her, Lee's hands skim down her sides and he presses a kiss between her shoulder blades and she shivers, even in the heat.

Lee's touch is soft and warm, maybe too soft, but he's offering and she's willing.

And so she kisses Lee, wraps an arm around his neck, and she wonders how much Helo has guessed. Most of it, she thinks. He was never stupid.

But then, given what they're doing, maybe they all are.

Please don't let anyone walk in, she thinks.


Dee gets halfway down a corridor on autopilot, but all she sees is water and steam and the look on Starbuck's face as she arched her neck back back to give Helo more access, one of her hands spasming on the the tiles and the other reaching out for Apollo. Gods, Dee thinks, coming to a halt and bringing one hand up to her forehead. Gods. Frak.


Dee swallows, blinks and focuses. "Cally."

"You okay? You look kinda spaced out."

"Yeah. Well."

Cally puts her hand on Dee's arm, and Dee suddenly, violently, wants Billy. She wants what Starbuck just had. Is having.

"Dee? What's wrong?"

Dee licks her lips and pauses, but decides she needs to tell someone, anyone, or she'll go mad. She yanks Cally close to the wall and waits until the corridor is empty. "Okay, who are the two hottest men on Galactica?"

"Apollo and Helo," Cally answers without any hesitation. "Why do you ask?"

Dee knows her pulse is racing, she can feel it, and she wonders if something's wrong with her to be feeling like this. "Starbuck got them both," she says finally, and Cally looks confused. Wait for it, Dee thinks. Any second now...

And, like clockwork, Cally's face flushes bright red.

"Ohhh..." she breathes. "You serious?"

"In the shower."

"Oh my gods. Oh my gods. Did they see you?"

"No," Dee says, smoothing her sweaty palms on her uniform. "They were - otherwise engaged."

Cally shakes her head once, twice, and lets out a long slow breath. "I hate her."

They stand in silence for a minute, ignoring the curious look of the lieutenant that passes them.

Then, "Damn!" Dee says.


"Billy's on Colonial One in meetings for the next two days."



Lee can't breathe and he's blinking in the water as they push themselves apart. Kara's gasping, and Lee can't tell if the red tinge to her body is from the heat of the water or the heat beneath her skin.

Helo grins, and squeezes Lee's shoulder as he reaches for his towel.

When Hotdog opens the door, Kara's watching her feet as she tucks a towel around herself and Helo is brushing his teeth. Lee brushes past Hotdog and out the open door.

They don't speak of it.

This is not new.


Helo watches Apollo leave and turns back to Starbuck, who is running her hand through her hair and shaking out the water.

"Your neck is red," he tells her, and reaches out and places his fingers on her skin. "Here and here."

Behind them, the water starts to run again as Hotdog slips under a shower head.

"And whose fault is that?" she says. "You need to shave."

"I thought you liked me scruffy?"

She laughs and Helo notices the tension leaving her body. "You're never getting any again," she says.

"You've said that before."


"You love me."

"I do," she says cheerfully. "Although the gods only know why."

And Helo relaxes, because this is the Starbuck he's used to; the one who'd give him hickeys in conspicuous places and watch him weasel his way out of teasing at lunches. He can understand this Starbuck. (The one he doesn't understand broke beneath Apollo's fingers and mouth five minutes ago.)


Cally watches them from across the hanger, over the edge of her clipboard. Starbuck and Apollo are trading insults with Helo and she hears slurs on 'raptors' and 'vipers' with increasing regularity. Cally fidgets with her pen, and wonders why she expected to see some tangible evidence that the three of them were frakking in the shower not an hour ago.

Starbuck looks up and for a second, her eyes hover on Cally and then she smiles and waves but Cally's too flustered to move until Starbuck turns away again, back to her conversation with the two men.

This is not new.

Starbuck laughs.


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