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summary: kara/lee. hint of kara/helo. it happens.
rating: pg-13
a/n: written for pen, who has a 'sharing things' kink. and she betaed!

[ l e f t   o f   t h e   c e n t e r ]

Hours of paperwork always makes his neck hurt. Lee opens the hatch to the bunkroom, steps in and wishes he could slam it shut behind him, but that wouldn’t be behaviour befitting the CAG, so he doesn’t.

Stupid cylons.

“Lee! Hi,” Kara says, grinning at him, sitting on the table in a jacket and shorts, her legs dangling over the edge and her feet bare. Helo’s in the chair next to her, rocking it back on two legs and sucking a lollipop. Lee can smell the strawberry from where he’s standing.

“Hi,” he replies, out of politeness, and Kara looks at him carefully.

“Bad day, huh?” she says, and he ignores her, marching past them both to his locker and wrenching the door open. He digs though it for clean clothes, his mind on rosters and patrols and the conversation dulls to a murmur behind him until Kara bursts into laughter.

“I’d forgotten that,” she says gleefully, and Lee wonders what they are discussing. “What was his name?”

“I have no idea.”

“Lee!” Kara says, and Lee turns around, his hands full of clean clothes and a towel. “What was the name of the janitor at the Academy?”

He must have looked as blank as he felt, because Kara laughs.

“Remember?" she prompts. "Old guy, grey hair and a long beard – walked with a stoop?”

“Had a penchant for catching Starbuck in compromising situations?” Helo adds, and Kara slaps his shoulder.

“You can’t talk,” she says, as Helo rubs his arm theatrically. “I’m not the one that got busted in the broom closet on level three.”

“That was not my fault!”

“Maybe not,” she says, grinning wickedly. “But I would have loved to have been there when he opened the door and found more than his broom collection.”

“Yeah?” Helo rocks back further on his chair. “Well, I would have loved to have been there when he caught you in the XO’s office.”

“That was a dare!” Kara says, kicking him lightly in the stomach, but she’s laughing and Helo’s laughing and Lee has no idea what they are talking about and wishes for the first time he hadn’t studied so much at the Academy, because he’s lost in this conversation.

“Yeah, nice excuse,” Helo tells her, and Kara laughs again, one of her feet settling on his knee. He doesn’t look like he notices and she nudges him with it.


Helo rolls his eyes and takes her foot in his hands. “Why do I do this for you?”

“My feet are clean,” Kara tells him, but the sentence trails off in a sigh as Helo’s fingers dig into the sole of her foot. She arches her back slightly and closes her eyes. “Mmmm. Right there.”

Lee watches Helo’s hands move over her skin and something inside him tightens as Kara leans further back, her palms flat on the table. It’s too comfortable, too easy, too intimate; too much of everything he wants and can’t have.

“You should pay me for this,” Helo tells her, after a pause, and Lee wonders if they remember he’s there. Kara’s eyes open and she sits up, glances down at Helo and there’s something warm and just a little provocative in her gaze. His stomach twists tighter.

“Well, what do you want?” she says, her fingers catching on the lollipop stick and pulling it out of Helo’s mouth. She studies it briefly and then pops it in hers, and Lee makes a tiny, choked-off sound. They both look at him in surprise and he can’t think of a single thing to say.

He grasps desperately at anything, and the name pops into his head like a miracle. “McAllister,” he says, making a mental note to thank the gods later. “The janitor. I think it was McAllister.”

Kara’s face lights up. “It was!” she says, taking the lollipop out of her mouth, twirling it though the air, and then putting it back in Helo’s. “Thanks.”

Her mouth is still shiny with sugar and he knows she’d taste like strawberries.

“I’m going to shower,” he says abruptly, and snaps the towel over his shoulder. “I’ll see you both later.”

“Okay,” Kara says, and she looks slightly confused and almost hurt. Helo's still holding her foot, and Lee’s fingers tighten on his towel.

He slams the hatch behind him. And doesn’t care.


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