author: pen
rating: not naughty
genre: gen. this is about six.
this is sort of for lyss, with thanks, as always, to claira.

[ e r a s e   h e r   f a c e ]

now that the thrill of the massacre's over,
isn't it sweet when she sucks on your veins?

- The Tea Party, Babylon


She fits her hand tightly beneath Gaius' chin. His feet dangle above the ground and he gasps for air, but she has calculated the pressure required to stop him from breathing, and she does not exert that force.

He shakes and sweats and the smell is displeasing.

He swears to believe, and she releases his throat and allows him to breathe.

She keeps a firm grip on his cock. Humans are unreliable.


"Two socks," says Lieutenant Thrace with a smile.

"Was that two socks, or two pair?" snickers Captain Adama.

Gaius waves a card. "I'm sure you wouldn't know what to do with two pair, Captain."

Six trails her fingers over his shoulders. "Leave here, Gaius," she says. "Come away with me."

He waves a hand at her in dismissal and ups the ante. She moves her hand down his body and strokes him firmly.

"Actually," he says in the middle of Lieutenant Gaeta's bid, "I might just fold."

He runs from the room.


The tests are taking some time, and she can tell that Gaius is bored. She leans against the door frame.

"You should eat, Gaius. You don't look well. You're working yourself too hard."

Gaius nods. "Yes," he says. "Yes."


"This model," she says. and pauses as Sharon looks at her.

"This model is flawed," she finishes, "you should not talk to her," and Sharon looks back down at the vials.

Sharon cannot see her.

This model is flawed.


"Gaius," she croons. She runs a hand up his arm, and he smiles in his sleep. She brings her hand up, traces his face, strokes his hair. He nuzzles into her palm.

"Gaius," she says again. "Do you love me?"

He wakes up.


She tries to calculate how many humans are left, but she cannot complete the subroutine.

Too many variables.

Too many humans.


"I think we need some time apart," he says.

Six tilts her head. "I'm sorry?" she asks.

"Some time apart." He almost does not stutter. If she did not know him better, she would say that he was not terribly nervous, but she has studied him for some time, and knows his patterns. "I've been thinking," he continues, "that perhaps God thinks you're not necessary to His plan. After all, he rewards me only when you're not around. And he never rewards you."

He gives his head a smug shake, and she reaches out a hand for him. She knows how to wring his little human neck.

Her hand goes through his flesh, and it is because she is insubstantial.


Gaius has his hand on Lieutenant Thrace's shoulder, and Lieutenant Thrace shrugs it off. He keeps talking.

Six opens her mouth to inquire of Gaius, "What are you doing?" She emits no sound, and tries again to speak.

He looks pleased with himself, and does not notice her absence.


There are humans walking down corridors and stepping through her. They cannot see her. Six ignores them, and turns her head slowly, scanning for Gaius. She completes a full scan of the corridor without locating him, and wonders if a glitch in her program caused her to miss him. She scans again, but the results are the same. She calls out for him, and begins walking.

She checks his lab, and the mess, and his rooms. She checks the pilot's ready room and sick bay, and what she feels as she searches for him is not worry. She cannot worry. She cannot locate him.

She is surrounded by humans, and not one of them is Gaius.


"Gaius," she begins.

"It's over," he cuts her off and closes his eyes.


Her suit is crumpled.

[ b a c k ]