[ c l a i r a ' s   f a n f i c t i o n ]

stupid thing last night

they decide not to use any of helo's ideas. too impractical.
[pg, no spoilers, kara/lee]

reaching out for human faith
hotdog is dead and lee's hands are flexing against her stomach.
[r, no spoilers, kara/lee and too much ambrosia]

a temporary transfer of authority
she bites her lip so hard she's surprised it doesn't bleed.
[pg-13, no spoilers, very kara/lee]

turn it around
her mother still didnít know what she was talking about.
[pg, no spoilers, helo/boomer and starbuck]

let's keep dancing
(five ways to 'ship kara thrace)
he could smell the shampoo she used.
[pg-13, spoilers for kobol's last gleaming, kara/helo kara/tigh kara/leoben (otp!) kara/baltar kara/lee]

patterns in static
he pretends not to notice the way she relaxes slightly next to him.
[pg, spoilers for colonial day, crashdown, hint of kara/lee]

left of the center
they both look at him in surprise and he canít think of a single thing to say.
[pg, no spoilers, kara/lee, maybe kara/helo]

the most beautiful verb
he smells of starch and crisp aftershave.
[pg-13, spoilers for kobol's last gleaming, gaeta/boomer]

not what you need
baltar knows which one he wants.
[pg, spoilers for kobol's last gleaming, kara/lee kara/baltar (but not)]

like breathing
no one checked if his blood was synthetic.
[pg-13, no spoilers, kara/lee]

(five things that never happened to kara thrace)

a change from what is normal, expected or planned.
[pg, spoilers to kobol's last gleaming, kara/lee kara/zak]

weigh this moment
he can still feel her skin under his fingers.
[pg, spoilers to you can't go home again, kara/lee]

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